how to make money from flippa

in now a days many web developers make extra handsome money from flipping on flippa.

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What is flipping?

Flipping means to buy at lower rates and sell in higher price, in our terms.
Many of web developer or earner from internet used to make money from flipping. They buy a domain or website from flippa and then develop at some level then sell the domain or website at higher rates.


 What is flippa?

flippa website's home page
flippa website home page is most popular flipping website from where anyone can buy or sell website. As in youtube earners make money from youtube by uploading videos.

How to make money from flippa?

From flippa there is many facility like to buy a website, buy a domain, sell a domain, sell a website.
If you have your own developed website then you also can sell your website at flippa.
You just have to signup at flippa to make profile and then you can put your website and set a price to sell if any buyers like your domain or website then they will bid your website or domain.
If you want to sell then you can contact from personal message or comment on it.

How to earn more from flippa?

Here i m listing the points to be noted while start selling your website or domain at flippa.
  • You should list detail of your website currectly
  • Your page views
  • Unique website visitor
  • website Map overlay
  • Website age
  • Website's revenue
  • Website's net profit 
If you are new at flipping then flippa give two e-book on selling website and buying website. The most preferred content from it is i m listing here.

Points while buying a website:-

  • finding sites to buy
  • Advance search
  • Evaluating website for purchase
  • Assesing risk and opportunities
  • Due Diligence tools and resources
  • How much should you pay
  • Bidding and negotiation
  • Finalizing the sell  
  • ownership transfer

Points while selling a website:-

  • Pre-sale preparation
  • prepping the business and yourself
  • Listing your site on flippa - step by step
  • Managing the auction
  • The transfer
To read in detail about this product visit the site flippa and download the e-book.