Top paying survey websites

How survey works?

Survey are the information or review about a product or service which is taken for implements of online marketing agencies and companies.
The product may be shoes, towel, vehicle, insurance etc...
Survey is what the people think about the company's product and how they give review and rating.
Online multinational companies wants to know about their product review and the survey giving companies are the company who provide us the survey, means when we(people) fill the survey form then the survey websites send the data to their companies.
You may like to read how survey works in detail.

How to join survey websites?
You just have to sign up the form in websites, then they will provide your user id and password.
May be they ask about your information like birthdate, age, gender, email address, hobby, etc...
According to your information they will provide you a servey in your mailbox
You just have to login in to your account and check your mail.
After successful completing survey the website gives you a reward and then you can withdraw from paypal, payza or check.
Why should i join survey websites?
  • No extra skill need 
  • no need to share or reference  
  • no need to sell anything
  • Free registration 
  • You can work from home
  • payment via paypal or payza
  • Only need computer and internet
  • A email and paypal account needed.
List of top paying survey websites according to review


Most surveyer on online give rating this site as a number 1 review site.
From the my survey site you can earn money from online survey, diaries and product test.
This site can be accessible from more than 30 countries.
One of the good point is that this website gives also android and ios mobile application.
My survey give you reward as a paypal, amazon, aplebees cash or gift card.


 Paid view point is also one of the best survey site where you can get easy survey and get rewarded.


i panel online is also giving great work for survey.
Mostly this websites give surveys which is come from Chaina, America, and European marketing survey research companies.
I panel online pays their members via Paypal.
Also one of the best point is they give job opportunities in company.


Clixsense is one of my favorite PTC and Survey website.
Most of PTC user earn money from here and also surveyer use to get easily servey from here.
Clixsense pays their member via paypal, payza and total 4 options to withdraw earning.
This website have accessed in most of country.


Worthyshout is also known as job portal because many of online use can get access more options to earn money from here.


This site is also known as ipoll  they giving reward for what you think.
Paidpoll and surveys has a one of the best and good point is that it's also have mobile applications for android and ios.
The member of paidpoll and survey will be paid by paypal money, amazon and apple giftcard.
Ipoll can be use at anywhere where you have a internet connection.


Many user of online money making like to earn from swagbucks review website.
User can earn from 
  • fillup survey
  • online shopping
  • search the web
  • playing games
This site is free to join, also they pay from $1 to $25 for each survey.
Over 15 milion online user is now member of swagbucks.
User can redeem their giftcard from popular store.
They are giving gift card of walmart, amazon, bestbuy etc...


Ipsos-isay is well known website in U.S. and related country.
You can win giftcard, amazing prizes, donations.
From ipsos-isay you can fill up serveys, polls.
Also you can make friends on this website.
One of the good point is that this website also have mobile applications for android and ios.


Toluna is also very famous website for survey in united kingdom and many other countries.
This website have 10000000 member currently in 2017.
You can earn which shape product, test product and by survey from toluna.
Also this website contain mobile applications for android and ios.


The panel station is known as fastest growing survey network.
They have around 2 milion costumer currently in 2017.
The panel station have also mobile application for android and ios.
From here you can give your review about product and take survey, after completing you can redeem it as all website does.