How to make money from surveys

What is survey?

Servey is the form which is created by company to take information or review from general public about a product or service.

Servey is mostly taken by a online research company or online marketing agency so that they can collect information from all over the world and know how can they increment or make better product.
There are many online companies that give you a reward for completing their survey. But you have to be honest for giving the information.
First of all they ask about your personal information and then if you eligible for the survey then they give a survey. If you give them information means fill the survey the you will be rewarded by some money or gift card.
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What should i do to take more survey?

As i mentioned above many of companies take survey for your information so they are online market research agencies.
If you want to get more survey then just select marketing manager or human research management or any other revelent job as your business.

Do's and Don'ts for survey

First of all you should read the privacy policy of the survey giving company.
Then read about how they pay money and how you get money.
Search in internet for the good rating of survey giving companies.
You should make a different email account for survey making money, obviously you should not use your permanant email account for survey because they ask you to conform your email account.
Many of survey companies are fraud so....
Give your best for getting more and more survey.
You should check your email account frequently to get detail about survey.